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**This is copied from a Facebook post by Frankie/Chiquita Bonita. I am posting here to make it easier (hopefully!) for people to share, because the information is essential and very useful to anyone dealing with a fire-affected region. This comes after one of the worst fires Central Portugal has known in at least a decade if not more, which affected more than 300,000 hectares and countless individuals, families, homes, and animals. Note that the advice is in some cases specific to Portugal, but can be applied anywhere with slight adjustments

I do not remember a time when I did not love UNO. It is a simple card game, yet there are so many different rules and variations that can be applied, that there are myriad ways to play which can easily be adapted to younger children or over-enthusiastic adults. Over the years, I slowly brought Francois over from being a sceptic to almost (almost!) outmatching my love of the game. Now, we play everywhere, anywhere, anytime – in the line waiting to board a bus, in airports, in cars

We had not initially planned to volunteer on a farm in Cambodia, but after our permaculture plans in Thailand fell through, we decided it would be a shame to go through all of our SE Asia itinerary without any farming experience. For once, Workaway did not have any inspiring projects, so we turned to Google. A few clicks and articles later, we came across a blog about a couple who spent time on an organic farm outside Siem Reap. We followed the OrganiKH trail, contacted the farm via

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