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Imagine finding the most delicious, crunchy, slightly tart yet still sweet, apple. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a tree that produces such fruit? The trouble is, apple - and many other fruits - seeds are a genetic gamble - no seed will ever produce the same fruit as it came from. This is why fruit producers use often grafting to reproduce winning fruit. Grafting is both a simple and surreal concept. You cut a branch off one tree (the "scion"), and stick it on another tree (the "rootstock"). Done

Or why you should learn the language when you move somewhere. Aside from not quite understanding why anyone would move to a foreign country and not make the effort to learn the language, in Portugal my experience suggests that depending on other people’s grasp of the English language may not be your best bet. This doesn’t refer to social chats over a beer, because in that context, any words or bits of language that allow an approximate exchange are fair game! Two other exceptions: First, if you’re in Lisbon or Porto, it’s

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