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Interview on Farmstead Talk

Earlier this week, I had a wonderful talk with Gloria from Farmstead Talk. We “met” on Instagram, and chatted via Zoom. Ah, the beauty of social media and technology.

Gloria is a retired nurse (back at work to provide additional Covid19 support to her community) who lives on a farm in the mountains and embarked on a project to interview one homestead for each of the 50 states in the US. Then she decided to expand her interviews to international projects, which is where we raised our hand, almost jumping out of our seat with excitement.

You can view the full interview below. We talk about our vision for Casa Beatrix, learning curves, our animal tribe and their purpose, and so much more.

Thank you Gloria for the wonderful opportunity! We look forward to meeting you in person some day, and to staying in touch.

You can find Gloria on Instagram (it’s a public account, so you can view it by clicking on that link even if you don’t have an Instagram profile) or through the Farmstead Talk YouTube channel.

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