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February 2020

One of my various missions for 2020 is to become more of a baker (it all comes down to earning the right to buy cute baking supplies like reindeer-shaped cookie cutters, ha). Right now, that means I’ll try to bake something more or less once a month – and then I’ll share the recipe IF it turns out ok, because if it’s Shahnaz proof, then I have zero doubts that you can also pull it off. In January, I tried my hand at a Kiwi passionfruit pavlova for F’s birthday.

It seems obvious (that a donkey is not just a horse with long ears)… and yet. As an avid horse-rider since as far back as I can remember (which means it has been some 30 years, and now I feel like I’m a million years old), my first experience with donkeys dates back to the 90’s (yep, that didn’t help). At the barn where I learnt to ride, they had a big field used for occasional jumping lessons and the annual horseshow. On every other day of the year,

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