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Buenos Aires is probably the best city to visit as an introduction to Latin America. That’s why we chose it as our end of year destination, given that Francois’ parents were flying out to meet up with us for Christmas and New Year. The city is full of old, glorious, historical buildings designed based on French architecture, yet the vibe is decidedly Latin. Streets are full of colorful graffiti, and music – often but not only tango – can almost always be heard coming from someone’s apartment, a

I do not remember a time when I did not love UNO. It is a simple card game, yet there are so many different rules and variations that can be applied, that there are myriad ways to play which can easily be adapted to younger children or over-enthusiastic adults. Over the years, I slowly brought Francois over from being a sceptic to almost (almost!) outmatching my love of the game. Now, we play everywhere, anywhere, anytime – in the line waiting to board a bus, in airports, in cars

During our week in Uganda, we were lucky to be invited to spend a weekend on the Nile. On Saturday morning we drove just over two hours out of Kampala before turning off the tarmac road onto a nondescript red dirt road – I love the color, which is even more vivid in Uganda than in Kenya. Children played in front of mud houses and waved frantically as we “muzungus” drove by, a common occurrence in every rural area we have visited so far and which somehow never

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