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Last summer Francois looked up interesting projects in Portugal that we might want to visit or connect with once we landed there come Spring 2017. One caught his eye in particular, and he encouraged me to check out their website – but I kept being distracted (classic) and so the tab stayed open for months. Earlier this year, it finally got to me to have this tab giving me the judgey eye every time I used Chrome. So I finally took a look, and Terra Alta had just started

A week in Bali with our good friend Mathieu from New York, using a cute boutique hotel in Ubud as a base while surfing, snorkeling, and exploring an island renown for being an exotic paradise. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? It mostly was. I say “mostly” because on our way to Bali we realized Francois had a fever and muscle pains. Not good when you have just spent a few months traveling around regions known for their mosquitos often being hosts for illnesses such as malaria or dengue fever. We had

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