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Partnerships & Volunteering

Having spent so much time volunteering, we are finally ready to flip things around and become hosts!

If you’re interested in camping out at Casa Beatrix for two or more weeks, and working alongside us on everything from animal care to DIY, social media and marketing, and whatever other projects we have in the pipeline, let us know.

You can find us on WorkAway or get in touch through our contact page.

We’re always looking for an open to different ways of working together. Interested in “god-parenting” one of our animals? Want to run a course or workshop at Casa Beatrix? Willing to come and be our “pop-up Chef” for a season? Curious about what options we offer for winter writing retreats?

Get in touch, and let’s see if we can make it work!

Retreats & Events at Casa Beatrix

Music at Casa Beatrix


We received some funding from the European Union and the Portuguese Government – Find out more here / Aqui pode consultar a Ficha do Projeto

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