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If a bell chimes behind you in Golegã during the ten days dedicated to the National Horse Fair, it means you have a few seconds to move out of the way of a horse-drawn carriage. Streets full of people dressed anywhere from casual jeans to outfits crafted with care for the occasion. Giant barbecues full of meat and potatoes intermingling to form a siren song of an invitation to sit down and feast. Tables piled high with felt hats and wool caps. Temporary shops offering all kinds of horse

My high school math teacher, Mr Brown, always said that a picture was worth a thousand words. With that in mind, here is a mostly visual update on how Casa Beatrix renovations are progressing:   Old sheep shed, aka La Bergerie This space was decrepit, dark and smelly with the roof partly collapsed. The existing building was renovated into a living and dining room. It is gorgeous, except it doubles as my summer office (in winter, I use my laptop from the tiny house as that’s more energy efficient than a

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