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January 2021

If you've been travelling in Portugal, you probably know that three main can be found in any random village: a café, a pharmacy, and a padaria. A padaria is a bakery, while a pastelaria is a pastry shop - not to be confused. And if you stay long enough in one of these villages, you might even start recognizing the different delivery "soundscapes". The gas man, the meat and fish man, and… the bread man! Several times a week, the baker does his rounds. A honk (or two or three), and

As I sit on my Pilates ball and look at my big belly, or look at the calendar where January 31st is circled as my “due date” (quotation marks are because – as anyone who has been pregnant will know – this date is a ballpark, and the baby can come two weeks sooner or later while still having matured to his or her full term), I thought now might be a good time to share some reflections about 2020 and projections for 2021. Lessons & updates from the

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