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October 2020

I used to hate the rain. Now, I don’t just put up with it – I appreciate it. For years, I associated rain with cold, grey, depressing, endless days. That’s probably because when I lived in Switzerland, from September through to April it was dark when I made my way to work around 8am, and it was dark again before I even left work, typically as of 4.30-5pm. In-between wasn’t sunshine and rainbows, but gloomy weather more often than not. Then, when I lived in New York City, rain made

If your vegetable garden (or nearby farmer’s market) is half as generous as mine, you’re still collecting zucchinis, and perhaps running out of ideas of how to prepare them. Here’s one of our favorite options: zucchini fritters! Ingredients Zucchini, 400g Potatoes, 4 regular sized Flour, 200g Eggs, 3 Baking soda, ½ teaspoon Grated cheese, 100g Milk, a splash Vegetable oil, a splash Salt Pepper Dried oregano Powdered garlic Instructions Grate the zucchini and salt it before letting it sit in a sieve to drain, occasionally squeezing it to extract excess liquid. Grate

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