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May 2020

Last week, I spoke to Michelle Aguilera who is behind the “Stone House Mini Donkeys” Instagram account. The interview focused on how she became a donkey owner, and insights around donkey care. The backstory A few years ago, Michelle and her husband of 24 years decided to move from Charleston to Oregon with their three kids. The reason behind the move was a desire to spend more time outside. They had family there, and were looking forward to living in a climate they considered more appealing (the “less bugs” thing

While this isn’t a food blog, I do love food, and part of my journey to self-sufficiency, homestead badassery, and happiness involves learning to do all sorts of new things – including a bechamel sauce. Bonus: that French name makes it sound so fancy! Below I’m including just the core instructions to make the bechamel sauce, but if you read on, I’ll mention my favorite full recipe and how you can adapt it to your taste buds, geography, and season. Ingredients 50g unsalted butter 50g white flour Whole milk Spices:

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, you hear about a thing – a word, a book, a movie, a person – and suddenly, it’s everywhere? That’s what happened with me and The Biggest Little Farm. Since it came out, I have gotten emails, WhatsApps, and had it mentioned in conversation as a must-see “because it’s a lot like what you’re doing!” At long last, on Earth Day (a happy coincidence), we watched The Biggest Little Farm documentary. If you’re too lazy to read to the end, here’s my big take away:

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