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November 2019

Somehow, even though "write a blog for Casa Beatrix" is often on my to-do list, it just as often gets bypassed in honor of other commitments and to-do's. I am working on changing that, but in the meantime, something else that is preventing me from posting blogs is the feeling that there is so much I want to share with you (ironic, I know). So, to take the proverbial bull by the horns, here's a quick and dirty all-around update to reset my feeling of guilt on not sharing

[I am participating in the Writing Contest: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer.]   Growing up, my bed time stories consisted of Greek and Roman legends retold by my mother, whose imagination was as extensive as was her knowledge of history, art, and mythology. Heroes and anti-heroes, impossible quests met with grace, quick wit, and an inherent acceptance of self were the norm. I dreamt of being as observant as Alexander the Great when he tamed the wild steed that was Bucephalus by realizing he was afraid of his shadow

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