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July 2018

A few days ago, we lost Jackie Sparrow, our beautiful black chicken with green shimmers in her feathers, a friendly personality, and the ability to lay a delicious big egg each and every day. She’s the third chicken we lose, which makes this a particularly difficult blog to write. Should we stop having chickens until we have progressed with our project and can build a permanent chicken coop, giving up on letting chickens free-range? Having chickens was one of the things Francois and I were the most excited about as we

Last night, we had our first puppy crisis. If you recall, life with Mojito is pretty wonderful – he’s curious, clever, clumsy, adventurous, and full of energy. Although I’ll never understand quite how it happened, the puppy got his leg stuck between the last step of the tiny house we live in and the tiny house itself, leading to a deep gash on his right hind leg and a late-night visit to the vet for seven – seven! – stitches (so he officially 5-upped Francois, who got two stitches in

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