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January 2018

While I am not one to swoon over epic plans for December 31st, I have to say that if you are hell-bent on bringing the New Year in with style, the best way I have found to do that is twice within an hour, traveling between Spain and Portugal. First, a disclaimer: if it were up to me, I would start a tradition of a low-key party every 30th of December – because no one ever has any plans for that day or expectations of what should or shouldn’t

Or why you should learn the language when you move somewhere. Aside from not quite understanding why anyone would move to a foreign country and not make the effort to learn the language, in Portugal my experience suggests that depending on other people’s grasp of the English language may not be your best bet. This doesn’t refer to social chats over a beer, because in that context, any words or bits of language that allow an approximate exchange are fair game! Two other exceptions: First, if you’re in Lisbon or Porto, it’s

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