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May 2017

Disclaimer: Under most circumstances, it would be a toss-up between my spontaneously gushing about Bolivia or trying to act nonchalantly enthusiastic with a “don’t even get me started on how much I love that place”, with the odds firmly in favor of the gushing. I lived in La Paz back in 2005, enjoying a life I had barely dreamed of before taking six months to volunteer there and get to know my roots, staying on for almost three years of sheer adventure and happiness. I left because it was

It started as a joke, this idea of doing 5000km and going from Bogota all the way to La Paz by bus. But then, as the airfares continued to defy our budget week after week and month after month, we decided it was our best option and made an adventure out of it (how could we not!). We found out the hard way, albeit with minimal consequences, that any information about bus schedules and prices that can be found online are unreliable and should be used as a very

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