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Mustaches everywhere

It may not be all that obvious just yet, but we have a thing with mustaches. It all started five years ago. A friend had met her match, and he happened to wear a mustache. I thought that was amazing. She was not as thrilled. And then the oddest thing happened: I started coming across mustaches everywhere (this was before the mustache trend): postcards, paperclips, rings… so I took photos or bought little trinkets for my friend. She was mildly amused but mostly thought it was weird. And then she predicted that there was a mustache in my future. That made me laugh because I was not looking to meet anyone and had no interest in settling down. Not to mention that the only person I knew who had a mustache was my friend’s fiancé! No dice.

Chamonix, December 2011

Chamonix, December 2011

Then somehow I found myself dating Francois. Let me explain: we had met at a party that Francois and his roommates hosted at the legendary 248 apartment in the West Village, thanks to our mutual friend Seydou who was invited and took the liberty of inviting me too (I was in New York for a hellish week of work). We hung out, stayed in touch, and after a slight misunderstanding of the best kind, we spent winter break together with a group of my friends in Chamonix, skiing and playing in the snow. Over the next few months we saw each other occasionally, usually when I was in NYC for work. It was very casual and easy, and bypassed all my commitmentphobe alarm-bells. It was only in Spring 2012 that I connected the dots: 1. Francois sported a mustache, and 2. we were dating!

By then mustaches started getting trendy so we bought each other a few gag mustache gifts and our friends bought us mustache-themed items too. Now our home is full of mustaches everwhere: the shower curtain, shot glasses, socks, wall decorations, key chains, t-shirts, bottle openers… we have it all. When we got married, Francois wore a custom-made mustache bowtie and we even made the table themes mustache names!

So if you see mustache references throughout photos or our blog, such as the four below, that’s why.

And now, I must dash (get it? “mustache”!).

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  • Pancho Villa
    10 May 2016

    Viva los bigotes! Viva Seydou! Y sobre todo viva los Cramooztache!

  • Pierre
    11 May 2016

    ah bon ? je n’y suis donc pour rien ….lol
    super, cette histoire…..

  • Sam
    21 June 2016

    No Pierre they didn’t meet at your fondue party, but at the legendary 248 party! I like the sound of that! you’re welcome my little love birds… now fly fly!!


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