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May 2016

We left New York City on Friday. It is still surreal, and will probably take quite a while to sink in. That said, I can already say that there are some things I will miss a lot and others not so much. I will miss

It may not be all that obvious just yet, but we have a thing with mustaches. It all started five years ago. A friend had met her match, and he happened to wear a mustache. I thought that was amazing. She was not as thrilled. And then the oddest thing happened: I started coming across mustaches everywhere (this was before the mustache trend): postcards, paperclips, rings… so I took photos or bought little trinkets for my friend. She was mildly amused but mostly thought it was weird. And

 This post only exists in French. It explains what WWOOFing is, why we are taking that approach for most of our trip, and lists websites to find such projects around the world. Who knows, you might be inspired to spend time on a farm and "WWOOF" on your next vacation! Afin de prolonger notre voyage au maximum et sans dépenser tout notre budget en hébergement, mais également afin de découvrir des projets similaire à celui que nous désirons mettre en place, nous avons décidé de faire du volontariat dans des

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